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How to Hover an RC Aircraft

Flying radio controlled aircraft is a hobby many people take part in. Part of the hobby is pulling off stunts and tricks with your RC planes. Anyone who has an RC helicopter can hover it, but pulling off that maneuver with a plane that only has a single propeller on the front is a great deal more showy. It may take practice, but it is possible to do. radio controlled helicopter 1 Get your RC aircraft in the air. Make sure that it's flying well and there aren't any problems you need fixed. 2 Fly your plane about 8 to 10 feet off the ground. As a single move, slow the plane down and tilt the nose up. The slowed speed will make it so the plane doesn't overbalance, and it will stop the plane from climbing much as you turn the nose up. 3 Make small adjustments until the plane is vertical and hovering. You will need to constantly adjust one way or the other to stop the plane from tilting off center. Make sure that you do this close to the ground, and if possible over an area that would make a soft landing in case the plane falls.
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