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How to Land a Radio Control Airplane

As the saying goes; what goes up must come down. That principal holds true for radio controlled airplanes. Novice RC pilots cause more damage to their planes on landings then on any other maneuver. There is no shortcut on learning how to land a radio controlled plane; you simply have to get out to the field and practice. Follow these steps and improve your success rate immediately.
Learn your plane's glide characteristics before attempting to land. This is done by bringing the plane to a safe altitude; say 50 feet, and dropping the throttle to the idle or full off position. Watch the plane glide and make mental notes on how fast the plane loses altitude.
Make your landing approach into the wind. Flying into the wind keeps air moving over the control surfaces like the rudder and elevator. Flying into the wind also helps slow the plane down for a smooth landing.
Line your landing approach up on the runway then start to throttle down. If you throttle down before the plane is in position to land you put your plane at risk of a tip stall. Tip stalls occur when the plane is going so slow and turns; the inside wing stops flying and stalls. The plane will fall due to lack of lift.
Keep enough speed to ensure that the plane makes it to the runway. Now it's time to remember the glide characteristics. If the plane glides well then drop the throttle to idle or full off and let the plane glide in. If the glide rate is low then fly the helicopter flight simulator until it is inches off the runway then cut power.
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