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The best approach to your rc car

You must be ready to deal with your rc car. Train yourself and find assistance. Discussing with other modelers may be a great idea. You are not alone! You will be amazed on how many rc hobby fans are out there. First of all we are modelers, therefore, we must constantly improve to achieve absolute control, with our materials and with money, we should not play, you play another. The top material and money say more, but take it easy and with responsibility. You cannot play with your money and you must invest wisely. Odds are you think you know it all. But there are many things you need to learn. Techniques For each modeler there is a specific technique. You will learn it on the long run! Remember every rc car has an engine and different parts. Each model is unique, thus the need to master strategies and so on. The transmission works thanks to the channels and the receiver. For instance, there are 20 frequencies that make up the "A", the band containing the "A" and "B". These are the channels and frequencies. The marked in red are legal for rc hobby worldwide. Moreover, you can always pimp and modify the current look of your rc car. We have many colors lik gray, green, colorless tunable called by the addition that we can approach the paint color choice, I use the white concrete, and the results are magnificent. This is always up to you. As for the solvents and hardeners is very important to follow the recommendations of its own tab advised as to this and know how (kiln dried or air-dried) as temperature going to perform the operations as these vary depending on the application temperature. Paint finish The painting that I always choose is radio controlled airplanes of 2 layers. Its application is in two phases, first applied the base (color) and finally the lacquer that protects us and gives us the final gloss. This does not mean that you cannot use a paint that is known as monolayer (base and lacquer mixed together in one product, but the corresponding hardener and solvent). Yet, of course you can but the main reason for using the bi layer is based on that I can do the whole color scheme of my rc car, using various colors, stripes, signs, logos, etc and finally to apply the lacquer is uniform without any jumps or stairs between one color and another, leaving the most professional work.
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